Youth Pastor

The Vertical Church

Job Description

Our church exists so that people far from God can become the hands and feet of Jesus.  We have a Family Ministry Department with an opening for Youth Pastor. This person should be an experienced, self starter, driven person who wants to grow a ministry to reach students far from God in grades 6th through 12th! 

We are looking for candidates who don't just want a job but have a calling that will drive them to:

- Go Above And Beyond

- Multiply Themselves

- Have a Desire to Serve

- Take Responsibility

- Love People, Especially Those Far From God

- Don't Take Themsleves Too Seriously

- And Embody a Teachable Spirit


Duties would include but not limited to:

- Overseeing all ministry from 6th - 12th Grades

- Directly Report to our Family Ministry Director

- Serve on the Family Ministry Team

- Lead and Empower a team of adult volunteers

- Raise up Student Leaders to actively carry out the vision of the entire church

- Plan and execute weekly and monthly events and services

- Be involved in local Middle and High School Campuses

- Implement and execute a Social Media Plan to 6th-12th graders

- Graphic design, video edit, and create avenues of ministry through media

And carry out the entire vision of our church so that the Student Ministry aligns with the overall vision of the church!

If you think this fits you, then please send us your resume!


About The Vertical Church

The Vertical Church is a fast growing church in the Southwest corner of Arizona not the California and Mexican border. In the last 16 years, we have grown from zero to over 1500 and have baptized close to 2,000 people. We exist so that people far from God can become the hands and feet of Jesus. We have a dream to see 3% of Yuma worshiping at Vertical by 2025 so that we can make is hard to get to hell from Yuma. By August of this year, we will be moving into our new 750 seat auditorium where the Kids and Students will occupy our old building. This is an amazing opportunity for someone willing to be a self starter, work hard, and work on a team with our Family Ministry Department!

Apply Now
Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
High school diploma

Date Posted
1 year ago
Yuma, Arizona


Church Size
1,000-1,500 people

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