Creative Director (Communication/Design/Live Production/Video)

Jefferson Christian Church

Job Description

Creative Director 

Jefferson Christian Church

POSITION OBJECTIVE: to develop, lead and train others in the creative elements of design, communication, web, video and production that help articulate the life changing power of the gospel in our church, community, and beyond. This objective is accomplished when guided by the following criteria: 

  • Creativity - God is creative, His creation reflects this and his church should value creativity and strive for creative, fresh ways to communicate a timeless message of the gospel across media and production platforms.
  • Clarity - In all forms of communication clarity needs to be the standard. This is achieved by asking the question - “Is the message clearly articulating the desired outcome?” Clarity is key to creating a healthy culture. 
  • Continuity - The consistency of how our mission and vision as a church is communicated across all media platforms with a standard of excellence. 


The Creative Director should:

  • Have a clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and a passionate, growing, personal relationship with Him.
  • Be a self-starter with drive, passion and initiative.
  • Be teachable and willing to be held accountable.
  • Be a team player with a positive attitude.
  • Must be a member of Jefferson Christian Church or become one as a part of the hiring.



  • Enthusiasm for the doctrine, vision, and philosophy of Jefferson Christian Church.

  • Experience in marketing, graphic design and production.


  • Leadership Development skills - Ability to influence and inspire existing volunteers, the recruitment of future volunteers and the developing of leaders.

  • A Creative mind with the ability to multi-task and provide oversight to leaders and volunteers. 


This position involves execution and oversight of the following aspects and reports, ultimately, to the Lead Minister, with oversight from the Worship Minister.

  • COMMUNICATION - Sending of email communication to members/congregation through planning center and other platforms. Creating forms/registrations for ministries and events, social media communication for the church.
  • DESIGN - of website, all printable materials, social media, branding of all ministry environments/events, ProPresenter Worship and Sermon Slides and ministry dashboards of the church. 
  • VIDEO - Scheduling, shooting, editing and assigning volunteers for all promotional videos, testimonial videos and weekend services. 
  • PRODUCTION - Set clear expectations of what excellence looks like in all AVL environments of the church with volunteer teams. Schedule, train and lead these volunteer teams. Work with the Worship minister on the creative design of current and future equipment of AVL for worship environments.

  • NETWORK - Oversee the network of the building - internet, server, and connecting with the company that oversees these elements. (This is a bonus qualification.)


Create and follow a personal growth plan that focuses on your individual purpose, passions and priorities to ensure your ongoing personal formation of your gifts and heart. 

* facilitating miscellaneous items of the church that come up that need attention (part of every staff member’s job expectancy) 

About Jefferson Christian Church

Not just a country church on the outskirts of Winston-Salem, NC. 

Currently 10 employees. Church of 450 Attendance (Pre-Covid) Back to 80-85% in-person, with online numbers indicating we are exceeding our pre-Covid attendance. (Online Counts :)) We love to help plant new churches. We have twice grown to over 500 in attendance and sent 5o or more people out to start new churches. We have participated as a financial partner (Usually 1/3 to 1/4 of the full support) in multiple new plants around the state and even in some other states. We have around a million dollar operating budget, of which, at least, 20% goes to provide for others outside our organization. We want to know Jesus and make Him known, by loving God and people. It is the great commission, combined with the greatest commandments. 

We are a warm, friendly family of believers who love to welcome people into our home. 

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Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
High school diploma

Date Posted
1 year ago
Rural Hall, North Carolina

Christian Church

Church Size
350-500 people

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