Media Director

Oaks Church

Job Description

Job Description & Expectations

Media Director

Job Description


·      Produce pre, live, and post productions for Sunday services, midweek services, special events and AV productions.

·      Video Production

o   Direct and produce weekly videos for services and online content. This can be, but is not limited to: Oaks stories, video announcements, service | event highlights, ministry spotlights, outreach, etc. 

o   Advise on keeping video production equipment and processes up to date and maintaining production quality.

o   Archive footage to Oaks drive.

o   Edit footage in postproduction, including adding slides, verses, lyrics, audio, and video buffers. 

o   Rendering footage to upload online to archives and live stream providers. 

·      Manage media department.

o   Teach, train, and give manager support.

o   Recruit and coordinate volunteers for audio, video, front of house media, set up, and tear down.

o   Optimize effectiveness and quality control.

o   Coordinate media campaigns with staff and teams. 

·      Uploading weekly podcasts by Monday 12pm latest.

·      Research and propose purchasing of AV needs. Submissions will go through Pastor Luis.

·      Stage design, construction, and implementation for Sunday and Midweek productions.

Online Content

·      Live Stream

o   Maintain live stream hosting service and schedule weekly live streams. These will be on website, Facebook, YouTube, and app. 

o   Oversee quality control and moderation of comments on all platforms.

o   Create live stream slides/lyrics/announcements.

o   Collaborate with Media team on cameras and audio for live stream.

o   Stay up to date on technology updates for live stream services.

·      YouTube Channel

o   Upload weekly services day of.

o   Create and upload descriptions.

o   Create Thumbnails day of service. 

o   Organize playlists and videos as directed by leadership.

·      Pro Presenter 

o   Set up and create slides for Sundays.

o   Prepare song lyrics.

o   Convert Pastor’s notes into service slides.

o   Create and update announcements and videos.

·      Collaborate with Pastors Brandon & Luis on overall vision and design for Services.

Additional Responsibilities:

·      Read books as directed by Pastor Brandon which is part of our ongoing staff improvement plan.

·      Set up & Tear Down as needed.

·      Advise church, staff, and creative pastors on technology updates/maintenance.

·      And anything else deemed necessary to execute the vision of the Senior Pastor.


·      Operate in staff core values.

o   Demonstrate: Love, empower others, honor, no lids, celebration, pursue excellence, faithful, generous, timely, and teachable.

·      Display a positive and honoring attitude. 

·      Have a can-do perspective. If you are going to present a problem, a solution is required as well. This four-step solution is required before bringing to APB: 1. Write it down (this develops clarity), 2. Determine the causes (why and how did this occur?), 3. Identify the solutions (what ways can we solve this problem), 4. Make a decision (which solution do you think is best and why?). 

·      Be open to constructive feedback from direct oversight without being defensive or negative.

·      Communicate in a timely manner. Texts (or calls) from team members (especially direct oversight) should be responded to within 1 hour (when working), emails should be replied to within 24 hours latest.

·      Plan 1 month in advance for your department, set meeting and submit plans by the 20th of each month for the coming month to Pastor Brandon, and communicate to your team so they have plenty of time to adequately prepare. 

·      Demonstrate self-motivation and reliability.

·      Work with honesty and integrity.

·      Be on time, all the time. 

·      Consistent tithing on income to Oaks Church. 

·      Follow set policies and procedures (see Matthew 18) when dealing with problems or issues.

·      Services, YouTube thumbnails, and descriptions should be uploaded promptly on service days (once pictures have been received).   

·      Complete yearly goals by assigned dates, providing deliverables along the way.

Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
High school diploma

Date Posted
2 years ago
McKinney, Texas


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