Job Description

Job Summary and Purpose

The Crossings Church is looking for a Technical Production Director (TPD) who is strong in systems and team building. The Technical Production Director will oversee tech team volunteers and operations. The Technical Production Director understands video, lighting, projection, wiring, presentation software and audio. The TPD also equips, empowers, and elevates All Stars (volunteers). They also produce services and coordinate tech needs for special events and venue rentals.

This position is a Leadership Team level position with the Crossings Church. It requires commitment to our Leader Covenant as well as our Membership Covenant, which include commitment to our values of tithing, serving, and small group attendance, as well as regular service attendance.

Specific Responsibilities and Job Duties

The Weekend Experience

  • Provide leadership and oversight to all system support (audio: Yamaha TF5, video: WireCast, ProPresenter, lighting: Light Key) for the weekend experience including the operation and maintenance of equipment.
  • Operate as the Sunday Morning Technical Producer, ensuring all technical elements in the weekend flow are in place and that volunteers are fully engaged and communicated with.
  • Lead, manage, and schedule positions for the tech team. Also filing in when positions have not been filled or there is a call out (Ideally this would move to an as-needed or occasional basis as you develop the team).
  • Provide and maintain a high level of excellence in all technical aspects of the Weekend Experience.

Team Development

  • Recruit, train, develop and maintain a team of volunteers for service production and church events. The goal is significant depth (3 deep) in all positions you oversee.
  • Provide basic training to other ministries’ volunteers for recurring events (e.g. tC Kids, small group meetings, tC Young Adults, tC Students, etc.)
  • Lead, inspire and manage your team of volunteers while executing their development strategy.
  • Provide spiritual leadership and genuine care for the well being of your team of volunteers.

Weekly Duties

  • Attend weekly meetings for weekend services planning and review along with event planning.
  • Attend weekly Pastors and Directors meetings, (production/rehearsal), along with any other meetings needed to fulfill your job duties.
  • Provide system maintenance and acquisition for AVL equipment used for the Weekend Experience.
  • Oversee and be accountable for technical volunteers for weekend services and ensure roles are filled, including creating a volunteer schedule on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. Helping to manage Planning Center Online database, keeping it current and up-to-date.
  • Provide spiritual leadership and genuine care for the well-being of your staff and volunteers.
  • Creating graphics and videos pertaining to the weekend experience.

Other Focus Areas


  • Provide technical support for worship events pertaining to weekly, monthly, quarterly gatherings.


  • Partner with leadership to oversee and execute the Crossings Creative Arts budget.
  • Work with leadership to create an annual ministry plan for the Crossings Creative Arts team, clearly communicating vision and team initiatives.
  • Provide recommendations for additional technical equipment needed to create the best Sunday morning experience possible.


  • Develop and train members of the Creative Arts team in the area of broadcast audio and video.
  • Provide broadcast mix or other support for online church experience when needed.
  • Assist with developing and creating the stage sets for use during sermon series and special events.
  • Provide assistance with system maintenance, software updates, and development.

RENTALS: Event Venue Technical Coordinator

  • Coordinate and Schedule any and all technical needs for paid rental events.
  • Work with BreakRoom Event Venue Rental Coordinator for all technical needs.
  • Scheduling all technicians and stagehands needs for rental events.
  • $50 dollar flat rate per event as a consult fee.
  • $30/hour for coordinator on day of event. This includes 1 hour before for stage strike and 1 hour for reset.

Job Skills, Attributes and Qualifications

The Crossings Technical Director is a relational position in that it requires consistent interaction with staff, volunteers and church members each weekend. The TD will be a leader and a developer of leaders, capable of casting vision, pastoring the team, and overseeing the administration, volunteers and activities of their ministry.

The Crossings Technical Production Director will have the following experience and attributes:

  • A deep, evident love of Christ, Church and Kingdom that shapes all aspects of his life.
  • Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a commitment to the mission, vision, and core values of the Crossings Church.
  • Able to operate and function under the staff covenant of the Crossings Church.
  • A commitment to a life-stye of continual growth in both character and competency.
  • An ability to lead at a departmental level, overseeing the care and development of All Stars and Coaches.
  • Catalytic leadership-a high energy self-starter who gets things done and makes things happen.
  • Spend time each quarter meeting with a professional operating at a tier above yours for wisdom and professional growth.
  • Time spent away once a year for a sabbatical 2-3 nights each.
  • Attending two Leadership Team Recharges a year consisting of 2-3 days each.
  • A deep understanding of our church culture and a love for its people.
  • Able to mix audio, program and run lighting, expertise in presentation software and execution, proficiency in video presentation.
  • Experience mixing in a broadcast audio and studio environment.
  • Have knowledge and skills in stage set building and design.
  • Ability to trouble-shoot problems which may occur during a service and efficiently recover the service.
  • Proficient in Worship planning and scheduling software (Planning Center Online).
  • Setting the tone as someone people will follow, but who is also willing to be a great follower.
  • High Capacity Operator - Someone who shows capacity to juggle a lot of balls simultaneously, and enjoys doing so - Self-Starter.
  • Receptive to coaching, correction, change, constantly striving for excellence.
  • Good communication skills and a people person.
  • Professional completion of time sensitive tasks related to weekly events and services.
  • Growing understanding of the technical field with the ability to research and recommend the best solution to technical issues.
  • Proficient in AVL wiring, soldering, repair, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

Experience Required
6 – 10 years
Education Required
High school diploma
Job Type

Winter Garden, Florida
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