Executive Pastor

Heartland Church

Job Description

About the Executive Pastor: 

The Executive Pastor will provide leadership to ensure the ministries and support structures of the church align with the vision of the church. He will be responsible for the coordination and communication of elder, ministry staff, administrative staff, support staff, and congregation so that everyone is on the same page. The Executive Pastor will serve at the senior level as an elder and an assistant to the Senior Pastor. The Executive Pastor will administrate the business and day-to-day activities of HC as well as the shepherding of the congregation along with the pastors and elders. 

Staff Leadership:

The Executive Pastor is the primary supervisor of the support staff and will assist the Senior Pastor in the leading of pastors especially in the areas of organization, facilities, resources, and finances. He is expected to develop a culture of empowerment and accountability as well as a spirit of goodwill among the staff. This task comes with the following responsibilities:

·       Leading weekly meetings with all administrators to coordinate the administrators to work smoothly with one another, communicate so that all are well informed, answer questions, troubleshoot issues, resolve conflicts, and set goals for growth. 

·       Participate in the leading of pastoral staff meetings (with the Senior Pastor) and meetings with individual pastors to serve and assist them with ministry needs; especially staffing, finances, and facility needs. 

·       Paritipcate in leading elder meetings (with the Senior Pastor) and to lead discussion concerning facilities, finances, support staff, and ministries.

·       Implement opportunities for staff fellowship and continuing education.

·       Conducting periodic evaluations of staff and setting goals for growth. 


Administrative Leadership: 

The Executive Pastor is the chief executive and administrator of the church. He will oversee financial and facility operations and work in conjunction with the tech team (and pastors) to maintain and advance technical operations. The executive pastor will lead the business operations of the church. This task comes with the following responsibilities:

·       Create and maintain an annual budget in conjunction with the financial administrator and department heads to be presented and approved to the elders, cabinet, and church and to provide budget updates to department heads.  

·       Give oversight and direction to various financial operations, including budget, designated accounts, budget excess, health and building insurance, debt management, capital campaigns, banking, policies, legal concerns, purchases, and purchase procedures.  

·       Oversee campus maintenance, improvement and development. 

·       Oversee office procedures in conjunction with the office administrator. 

Pastoral Leadership:

The Executive Pastor will participate in shepherding and discipling the church as a part of the pastoral team. This task comes with the following responsibility.

·       Participate with the other pastors in the care of those in our church with sickness, crises, and the death of a loved one. 

·       Conduct short-term counseling (and possible referral) for members and non-church attenders in crisis as needed. 

·       Preach on Sunday mornings as assigned by the Senior Pastor and contribute to the teaching ministry of the church as needed. 

·       Participate in leading worship through prayer, Scripture reading, serving communion, altar counseling, commissioning mission teams, baby dedications, welcome and next steps. 


·       5 years of significant church staff experience is required in which administration, supervision, and leadership were part of the job. Preference will be given for 10 years' experience in a medium to large size church as well as experience as an executive pastor. 

·       A Bachelor’s degree is required, and a master’s degree is preferred. 

·       Candidates will only be considered who agree with the HC doctrinal statement.

·       Must be “above reproach” on matters of character. 

·       Must “buy in” to the vision of HC.

·       Must have chemistry with Senior Pastor and pastoral team. 



·       The Executive Pastor must be spiritually mature, knowledgeable of Scripture, clear concerning the gospel and practicing spiritual disciplines in relationship with Christ. 

·       Mentally and emotionally healthy.

·       Detail oriented with strong communication skills as well as a skilled organizer.

·       The ability to lean into conflict without fear with a commitment to truth and a demeaner of grace. The ability to have tough conversations with clarity and kindness will be highly valued. 

·       Knowledge of facilities and finances. 

·       Strong initiative to address issues and complete tasks. Not a procrastinator. 

Send your resume or any questions you may have to [email protected]

Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsgPRiqxPeI for a brief video from our Senior Pastor.

About Heartland Church

Heartland Church is a healthy, growing church affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and located in Paducah, Kentucky. Our Sunday morning average attendance (Post Covid) is 1500. There are 5 characteristics that make up our church’s DNA:


The culture of HC must resemble the cross of Christ through sacrificial love, generosity, and service for the sake of the world (1 Cor. 1:18).

Supremacy of Christ

Jesus is the centerpoint of our faith as the sole provider of salvation, the greatest revelation of God, the example for our lives, and the focus of our mission (Col. 1:15-18)

Word and Deed

Our testimony of the greatness of Christ must be expressed in truth to be proclaimed and actions to be observed (1 John 3:16-18).

Members are Missionaries

Everyone who is a member of HC is also a missionary (Eph. 4). Our church does not exist for its members, but through its members for a world in need.

Local and Global

The global mission of God calls us to engage our own region and the ends of the Earth (Acts 1:8).

Experience Required
5-10 years


Education Required
Bachelor's Degree

Date Posted
4 months ago
Paducah, Kentucky

Baptist: SBC

Church Size
1,000-2,500 people

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