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Job Description



OVERALL SUMMARY:  The Youth Pastor serves as the primary leader of all middle and high school students at Central Christian. He/she leads and directs every aspect of the youth ministry to achieve the overall vision of leading people to discover and fulfill their purpose in Christ.


HOURS: Full Time

Salary: $50,000 plus full benefits



·      Provide oversight and spiritual leadership to middle and high school youth and youth leaders.  Assure youth group maintains a balanced program of spiritual, physical and social growth.  

·      Actively seek out a life-changing atmosphere that will affect every teen, while empowering teens to discover their personal gifts and abilities through the Holy Spirit.

·      Be acquainted with the personal lives of young people (either directly or through the youth leaders). For example, visit homes, attend school events, and make hospital visits. This also includes being aware of current youth development and culture.


    ·      Assure every youth activity focuses on building mature youth of the church. Areas of responsibility include but are not limited to Rhythm HS & MS and other youth events. 


·      Assure training and regular involvement of youth in church ministry.


Leadership Training:


·      Recruit, supervise, train and mentor theYouth  Leadership Team.


·      Provide formal (structured) and informal (by example) leadership training for the youth leaders.


·      Provide formal and informal outlets for frequent communication, encouragement and evaluation to the youth leadership. As the coach, create a team atmosphere.


·      Oversee, with youth leaders, the identification of youth with leadership potential and assure opportunities are given for development.




·      Maintain a well-planned, carefully balanced program throughout the year coordinated with the church calendar of events.


·      Assure responsibilities for all events (for example Youth service, retreats, missions trips, and special events) are delegated and understood by youth leaders and youth.


·      Pre-schedule all activities in their entirety, including post-activity plans. Provide the staff, parents, and youth with this information in a timely fashion.


·      With the input and support of the student ministries team, establish and maintain a philosophy of youth ministry and annual goals.  


·      Attend weekly staff meetings and provide regular updates to your direct report





MAKING DISCIPLES – teens are meeting Jesus and growing in their faith.

PASSIONATE ALIGNMENT – there is excitement about the vision.

GROWING INTENTIONALLY – every year, more teens are attending, meeting Christ, taking steps and participating than were in the previous year.

CREATIVITY – Central Students becomes an environment for creativity and innovation, and ministry that flourishes is shared with the other campuses.

FINANCIAL HEALTH – Spending does not exceed budget.




BELIEVER: Must be a Spirit-filled, Born-Again believer with a spiritual commitment to God.

LIFESTYLE: Must live a Godly lifestyle.

LOVE: Genuine love for people - willing to serve and put others before themselves.

LEADERSHIP: Must have proven leadership skills.

INTEGRITY:  Can make solid decisions based on Biblical standards.

MOTIVATOR: Self-starter, able to work without direction and a motivator to others.

ORGANIZED:  Needs to be organized and able to focus on various projects at one time

TEAMWORK: Must be able to work effectively in teams

ATTITUDE:  Displays a positive, Godly attitude in all things  -- the attitude of the Youth Pastor sets the tone for the entire Youth Ministry.

COMMUNICATION: Good communicator and able to speak at Central Students’ meetings and other events 



About Central Christian

Our Mission - Leading people to discover and fulfill their purpose in Christ

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Some College

Date Posted
5 months ago
Baltimore, Maryland

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