Job Description

About The Ridge Christian Fellowship (RCF),

We are a nondenominational, independent Christian church, led by a plurality of elders, where “Love God, Love People” is our mission through sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Overview of the Position

The music leader will coordinate with the teaching pastor in developing the music portion of the Sunday morning worship service. Our desire is to have a qualified music leader, as well as someone who cares for each person at The Ridge. On occasion, all staff members may be asked to help in other ministry areas as needed. 

The music leader will function under the direct leadership of the teaching pastor and the overall governance of the elder board. The music leader must meet the qualifications in 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9.

Music Leader’s essential duties, responsibilities, and roles.

  • Primary responsibility will be to lead the congregation in worship through song. 
  • Oversee all musicians and the technical support team each week, providing a song order and music for each member of the team. 
  • As a mobile church, the music leader is responsible for coordinating the stage setup and tear-down each week. We have many volunteers that currently help in the music and technical area.
  • Our church values a consistent teaching across all mediums. It is important to us that the worship leader select music to reflect the teachings we as a church espouse.
  • The music leader must care for the team members by demonstrating respect, patience, and understanding to each volunteer..
  • The music leader will seek and use music that clearly proclaims God’s word.
  • The music leader must have a desire to serve the entire body on and off the stage. This is a position where the music leader participates in leading the church and developing strong relationships as a member of the Church.

Information about the church

  • We are an eight-year-old church. Our current music leader is retiring soon and we are looking for a qualified man to help lead the church in the worship of God through music. 
  • Although The Ridge is a nondenominational church, our teaching and theology is best characterized as Reformed.
  • Our average service attendance is around 225-250.

Salary and Benefits

This is a full-time position and the salary will be based on experience.

About The Ridge Christian Fellowship

Although we are not formally affiliated with a denomination our theology is Reformed. The Ridge is eight years old and we hold our services at a Christian school gym. We set up the gym every week and we are looking for someone to lead the congregation in song. This is a full-time position so music won't be the only responsibilities of the music leader. We need the music leader to be a ministry partner and be willing to pick up other tasks as well.

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Bachelor's Degree

Date Posted
2 months ago
Tucson, Arizona


Church Size
200-300 people