Job Description

(Please submit a resume, cover letter and a way to access a recording or video of your musical abilities at [email protected]. Submissions end on 10/14/2023 and will be evaluated thereafter.)

Minister of Music

Principal Function:

The Minister of Music is responsible for the oversight and direction of the entire music program of the church, including all choir programs, personnel in the music ministry, selection of music and tone of the worship programs.

Specific List of Responsibilities:

Oversight and Direction

a.   Oversees the total music ministry program, including staffing, organization, direction, recruitment, curriculum and facilities

b.   Coordinates all music programs such as adult choir, student choir, children’s choir and instrumental groups

c.    Creates and coordinates other related ministries such as ensembles, trios, quartets, hand bells, etc.

d.   Supervises paid employees in all phases of the music ministry including pianist, organist and other instrumentalists

e.   Works with the Audio/Visual and Fine Arts Committees

Relationship Building and Outreach

a.      Creates and schedules special events to enhance the ministry and build relationships which may include but should not be limited to Seasonal Church-wide Musical Productions, Revivals, Children’s Music Presentations and other large-scale events

b.      Directs and oversees all music related trips and summer activities which may include mission trips and music camps


a.      Maintains effective communication with adult choir members, student choir members, all children’s choir members and all volunteers and staff members that support these programs

b.      Effectively uses technology to communicate

c.      Maintains the Music Ministries portion of FBC Website to include the Music Ministries Calendar and other pertinent data

Organization and Administration

a.         Assists in planning the church calendar

b.         Maintains a music ministries calendar

c.         Coordinates all committees and organizations in their interaction with the music ministry

d.         Develops and administers the music ministries budget

e.         Uses technology effectively

f.          Maintains and uses facilities and equipment allotted to music ministries wisely

Experience Required
5-10 years


Education Required
Master's Degree

Date Posted
3 months ago
Enterprise, Alabama

Church Size
750-1,000 people