Job Description



The role of The Worship Leader is to oversee the music ministry team of the Church by developing, coordinating, and administering Spirit-led worship while providing leadership and supervision of the music programs and the technical staff and equipment.




This part-time year-round position is defined as salary, Expectation of attendance is for Sunday worship, rehearsals with the worship choir and worship band, and other special services including (but not limited to) Revivals, Christmas, and Easter. The work is done cooperatively with the Pastor.




·      Model and lead heartfelt worship encouraging participation and pointing to Jesus

·      Shepard and maintain accountability with worship, vocalists, an accompanist.

·      Guide and instruct congregation in true biblical worship





  • Work weekly with the Pastor to plan, prepare, and provide direction for blended worship services
  • Lead and direct worship at weekly-scheduled and special services, utilizing worship teams.
  • Enlist and use the talents within the church congregation
  • Oversee and provide direction to vocalists, music ministry team, and technicians responsible for audio, visuals, lighting, and other worship-related technical equipment.
  • Implement logistical details and provide support and expertise for concerts, musicals and special evangelistic efforts that involve music and other technical areas of the church

·      Serve and attend meetings as a member of the church staff





·      Must be a born-again believer with a maturing relationship with Christ.

·      He/She will have a self-awareness of receiving a call from the Lord for his/her ministry, having had that call confirmed by others in the body of Christ.

·      Must show a faithful pursuit of leadership characteristics as listed in 1 Timothy 3.

·      He/She must have a thorough knowledge of Bible.

·      Must demonstrate a genuine love and maintain a good rapport with the church.

·      Must subscribe to The By-Laws and doctrinal statement of the church.

·      He/She must agree with the essential beliefs of Cross View Baptist Church.

·      He/She must become a member of the church as soon as possible.

·      Must be able to exercise initiative and judgment as an independent worker.

·      Must possess organizational and administration abilities.

·      Must be able to respond to changing needs throughout the daily and weekly schedule.

·      He/She will also possess, or be developing the following:

o  a teachable spirit, desiring to grow as a person and as a leader.

o  a proven ability to involve others in planning and decision- making.

o  an integrity of person, and a demonstration of those character qualities that are represented by the list of the fruit of The Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23, and a willingness to continue to grow in the development of such characteristics.

o  a pattern of spiritual growth that is evidenced by a life of prayer, personal obedience to the word of God and the proven ability to discern the Lord's will and guidance in decision making.

o  a basic understanding of the nature and operation of the church that is informed by scripture and, in broad terms, compatible with that of the Senior Pastor.

o  an understanding of his/her ministry that is being developed through disciplined times of reading and studying the word, as well as related books and periodicals.

·      This Worship Leader will seek to be faithful in seeking the Lord in his/her own life, as well as in his/her marriage and family, always striving to keep Christ the vital focal point in life.





1.        The Worship Leader will conduct himself/herself in such a way that his/her behavior, speech, and attitudes represent a high standard of holiness. He/She will strive to live in such a way as to bring utmost respect to the office of Pastor.


2.        He/She will demonstrate a strong sense of loyalty to The Senior Pastor and other members of the church's leadership team, endeavoring to be cooperative in the carrying out of his/her tasks. When differences of opinion or problems arise in the performing of his/her work or relationships, the Worship Leader will always speak first of these matters in private conversation with the Senior Pastor. Should an occasion arise in which He/She feels that his/her concerns are not being addressed, He/She will request a meeting with the Deacons of the church, along with the Senior Pastor.


3.        The Worship Leader will keep the Senior Pastor and/or his secretary always apprised of his/her whereabouts during the days/times he/she is "on duty."


4.        Participate in the preparation of the annual budget relative to expenditures involved in the areas of ministry that come under his/her supervision and see to it that expenditures are kept within the accepted budget.


6.        Keep careful attendance and financial records for all areas under his/her supervision.


7.        Maintain faithful attendance with appropriate attire at regularly scheduled worship services.





* Primarily responsible to the Lord, performing ministry and leadership with enthusiasm and seeking to please him.


* Secondarily, accountable to the Senior Pastor. The Worship Leader will keep the Senior Pastor fully informed of his/her work, seek counsel, and take instructions or corrections from the Senior Pastor when necessary. This will primarily take place during a staff conference with the Senior Pastor, scheduled at the same time each week. He/She will confer with the Senior Pastor about personal matters dealt with, to the extent that this information will aid The Senior Pastor in the fulfilling of his oversight of the church's ministry.


* Conference once a quarter with the Senior Pastor. This will involve discussion of goals, program plans, resources needed, obstacles, calendar items, evaluation of ministry, and itemization of current reading.


* An annual review based on a self-evaluation, evaluation by (the leadership team or select committee) and the Senior Pastor. This evaluation will be based on this job description.


About Cross View Baptist Church

Cross View is a small but growing church. We have a pastor that preaches from the bible and a staff that is amazing. The church membership is between 200-300 members and it's a church that loves the Lord and each other.

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Some College

Date Posted
4 months ago
Texarkana, Texas

Baptist: SBC

Church Size
200-300 people