Pastor of Worship and Media

Greenwood Baptist Church

Job Description

Pastor of Worship and Media

Position Status: Full-Time

Pay Structure:  Salary - Exempt

About Greenwood Baptist Church

Greenwood Baptist Church mission exists to make disciples who share Christ and serve families. Our church seeks to be a Christ-centered family that grows culture shaping Christians.

Position Summary

This is a salaried position with the primary responsibilities for the overall spiritual direction of the worship and media content ministries.  

The Worship Leader portion of the role will plan, prepare for, and lead music during worship service that connects the congregation and proclaims the uncompromised message of the Gospel.  


The Media Director portion is responsible for implementing all desired and approved media content from the Lead Pastor to approved outlets such as GBC website, social media platforms, marquee, as well as audio/visual presentations during the services.


Major Responsibilities

  • Be a Christian and maintain a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Be a regular and active member of Greenwood Baptist Church, Midland, TX
  • Be an example of Christian honesty and integrity; represent our Lord and His Church in a worthy manner
  • Display a Christ-like approach and lifestyle, praying regularly for the members in the church and community
  • Pray and support the Lead Pastor and other GBC staff as well as meet with the Lead Pastor weekly
  • Participate and contribute to GBC staff and church meetings
  • Perform all other duties as assigned by the Lead Pastor
  • Be in agreement with and follow the GBC Constitution, By-laws and Doctrinal beliefs


Primary Worship Responsibilities: (50%)

  • Oversee all worship and musical elements for the church and lead with excellence
  • Manage and coordinate scheduling of musicians, worship team, tech team, and others through the planning schedule app
  • Identify, invite, mentor, and empower leaders to be a part of the worship team
  • Assist the Lead Pastor in scheduling and implementing worship services
  • Keep the church forward thinking as it relates to worship and technology
  • Integrate discipleship components into the worship environment and worship team training process by using the worship ministry as a vehicle to make disciples
  • Organize and lead weekly rehearsals and equip others to lead in one’s absence
  • Direct weekly rehearsal with the praise team that both prepares for a quality Worship Experience on Sunday, introducing new music to the congregation, and gathering input from the praise team in song selections
  • Recruit, schedule, and train new praise team members  
  • Work with prospective praise team members to match their abilities to the needs of the team
  • Ensure that the sound system is working properly and ready before the start of service
  • Develop working checklist for all equipment and devices being used for services to ensure all functions are operating as desired and shall be understood by any and all personnel involved with such
  • Manage all administrative duties related to the praise team including schedules and attire
  • Collaborate and help develop the budgetary needs for the upcoming year(s)
  • Be available and in attendance for committee meetings as needed and scheduled


Primary Media Responsibilities: (50%)

  • Ensure communication outlets and needs from all staff members are being met, including being available for any special meetings so as to make certain programs and events are publicized effectively and in a timely manner
  • Meet and support GBC staff regularly regarding ministry needs for multi-media services including content needs and scheduling accuracy
  • Keep content on all media platforms accurate and current, including website, church marquee, and all approved social platforms
  • Coordinate meetings with staff to build production time lines and create a content template and calendar for each outlet of media marketing
  • Develop new and innovative programming ideas for media
  • Serve and oversee the audio, visual, and photography elements for all worship services
  • Annually review and evaluate policies and procedures for operating audio and video equipment, including making necessary improvements
  • Create a control sheet for all sound, stage, lighting, and production equipment
  • Create a standard operating procedure for each role and train the team accordingly
  • Train ministry leaders on how to manage their social media accounts and oversees activity
  • Serve and oversee set-up of any field production services for events as needed
  • Train, organize, and strengthen staff to establish a creative, contemporary, and compelling multi-media ministry
  • Recruit, train, organize, and strengthen volunteers to run sound, computer, and video production during services along with routine educational seminars to keep refreshed and minimize issues
  • Produce and create promotional announcements in partnership with all ministries including still and motion graphics, message openers, etc. to be viewed during services as well as video media for special events and advertisements
  • Oversee stage lighting during worship services/events, including understanding light computer programming and implement engaging and creative stage designs using sets and dynamic lighting for special events
  • Monitor and oversee live streaming of video via web and social media for Sunday morning services and archive video for online use
  • Monitor and maintain all audio/visual equipment; recommend upgrades and maintenance to maximize performance and utilization of the ministry resources
  • Collaborate and help develop the budget needs for all media needs, including presenting efficient ways to maximize spend


Other Expectations

  • Work collaboratively with other GBC staff to build and maintain a strong team
  • A positive approach in accomplishing the tasks of serving and supporting all ministries of GBC
  • Relational with a desire to volunteer in the community
  • Prepare and manage worship ministry and media budgets
  • All other duties as assigned by the Lead Pastor and personnel committee 
  • Participate in seminars and other continuing education opportunities for personal and ministerial growth


Skills and Qualifications

·       Evident relationship and belief in God and His church

·       Uphold 1 Tim 3 1-7 

·       Excellent communication and interpersonal skills accompanied

·       Skilled in vocal and instrumental direction

·       Quality singing voice and engaging stage presence

·       Competent in general music theory

·       Proficient in the musical instruments being used in services

·       Prefer experience with sound equipment being used in services including, but not limited to, Pro Presenter 7, Planning Center, building chord charts, Multi Tracks App, ChartBuilder App, and other software, sound systems (PreSonus Studio Live 32), video projection, and lighting

·       Preferred prior knowledge in social media, marketing, and website management

·       Excellent organizational and supervisory skills

·       Team player with good relational skills and a passion to unite all members of the praise team

·       Ability to recruit and coach potential praise team members

·       Positive and upbeat attitude

·       Availability to work extended hours and weekends as well as short notice

About Greenwood Baptist Church

Greenwood Baptist Church mission exists to make disciples who share Christ and serve families. Our church seeks to be a Christ-centered family that grows culture shaping Christians. GBC has between 200-300 attendees on Sunday mornings during our worship service. We are a church with a passion to move forward in the mission Christ gave His church to reach our community and the world with the Gospel.

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
High School Diploma

Date Posted
4 months ago
Midland, Texas

Baptist: SBC

Church Size
200-300 people