Senior Pastor (@ the Beach!)

The Rock of Panama City Beach

Job Description

  • Do you want to preach weekly?
  • Do you have a vision for where a church could go?
  • Do you love fellowship around the table with believers?
  • Do you desire to minister in a non-denominational setting?
  • Want to serve with Elders who work, serve and love the people?
  • Can you relate to the Florida culture of residents and seasonal residents?

Amazing opportunity on the panhandle coast of Florida! Panama City Beach is home to The Rock, planted several years ago but now with a Senior Pastor vacancy. Perfect opportunity for someone who loves preaching the word and has the drive and desire to grow a church of less than 100 to a regional epicenter of truth and cultural change.

The Rock is a conservative, Evangelical group of believers who do not use "churchy" language, some raise their hands during their progressive (guitar-led) worship and have deep relational pillars upon which they build fellowship that is always centered around the table. Several weekly opportunities for gathering, the foresight of Elders to re-establish mission/vision during this transition and a group of people who love, laugh with and care for one another make this an unique opportunity for the right man and his family.

  • They are seeking a PROPHETIC LEADER who can dig deep into the word, but not so deep that they are lost without illustration and application.
  • They want a KINGLY LEADER who can see what the next season of the church should look like and plot a course in that direction.
  • They desire a PRIESTLY PASTOR who can do both of those things while loving the current and future membership and their families.


  • Baptistic in their view of Baptism
  • Evangelical
  • Conservative (Biblically and Socially)
  • Monthly celebration of Lord's Supper (intinction)
  • Elder-led
  • Complementarian


  • Progressive worship (guitar-led)
  • New choruses and old lyrics set to updated tunes
  • Casual "beachy" feel
  • No Evangelical "code" language
  • Grace-oriented with gracious people
  • Debt-free property to build on
  • Currently meet in warehouse remodeled just for The Rock
  • Significant financial resources in bank (750K)
  • Sunday gathering of less than 100 members
  • Total package for full-time depends on experience (75K min.)

This unique, have to see it to believe it (or at least talk about it) opportunity is looking to move quickly with the right candidate. They are ready to relocate someone as soon as the Holy Spirit identifies the right candidate. Their ambitious and high-caliber understanding of this position compelled them to partner with McGowan Global Institute to lead the search and advise them through this transition. Their professional approach should tell you alot about their view of this position and the unique understanding the Elders embrace of a smaller church with a big church vision.

  • Seminary not required, but preferred.
  • First-time pastors or recent seminary graduates could fit, with sufficient professional and personal experience leading organizations.
  • Current pastors in a multi-staffed position ready to fill the first chair would be a good fit.
  • Maturity and not age is a requirement.
  • Men with strong current marriages and children are encouraged to apply. The Rock loves kids and families!!!


  1. Download the 6 documents below
  2. Complete documents 01 or 02 (these will be uploaded in step 3)
  3. Goto the MGI website and register as a new candidate (use document 03 of 06 for your instructions)
  4. Read documents 04, 05 and 06
  5. If you have specific questions email: [email protected]







This open position is placed by McGowan Global Institute

McGowan Global Institute (MGI) is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry that partners with church leadership, locally and globally. Our consultants provide the tools necessary for recalibration and flourishing in: RESOURCING, REVITALIZATION, and COACHING. They utilize over 50 years of real ministry experience in assisting churches as they navigate any number of realities within the church. We believe when proven leadership practices are applied to the most important organization in the world that cities and nations will rejoice, and a global economy of grace can be created.

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About The Rock of Panama City Beach

Who is THE ROCK?

THEOLOGY— Broadly evangelical

The Rock is broadly Evangelical and not aligned with any specific denomination or tribe. They would hold firmly to the historic creeds of the church (Apostles, Nicene). While not explicitly aligned with any confessional statements from church history, they are Biblically conservative holding to inerrancy and infallibility, although not expressing it in those terms. Their view of sacraments would be Baptistic with regard to baptism and open table with regard to communion, practicing intinction.

WORSHIP— Progressive and semi-charismatic

The worship style at The Rock is progressive— praise music epitomized by contemporary worship artists is the primary style.They have an appreciation for the truth of historical hymns, but that truth finds it expression in more emotive and participatory worship than in traditional arrangements. Worship centers around preaching and the Lord’s Supper is celebrated weekly. Children and families are welcome and equal participants in an environment that is very “Florida” and “come as you are.”

CULTURE— The Rock is a true family

The Rock is a family. Many churches say they have a “family-feel” but this is more than a feeling. After the previous pastoral transition the community of believers who remained as part of The Rock were galvanized into a tight-knit group of believers who love each other, enjoy fellowship (and food) and are intent on “doing life together.” There is a sense of “all hands on deck” when it comes to just about everything that is done corporately AND there is a real sense of flexibility and grace about the execution of programming. Emphases at The Rock would be toward a faith that is first practical— real-life application of truth which impacts day to day living and relationships. Secondarily there is a strong emphasis on doctrine as expressed in Biblical theology. Thirdly, their cultural engagement would parallel their desire for their next Senior Pastor who should lovingly engage the culture and be “in the world” but not “of the world.”


The Rock is a true Florida panhandle congregation— young and old across the spectrum of means and backgrounds. There is a healthy mix of men, women, families, singles and a diversity of ethnic and racial backgrounds. Anyone from any walk of life could enter the sanctuary and find “their people.” In addition to year-round congregants there are several “seasonal” members whose participation in the body life of the church parallels their “snowbird” lifestyle. Based on church size, giving and resources available are significant. This is due to the sacrificial view of church membership and giving that this family of believers have embraced.

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Bachelor's Degree

Date Posted
2 months ago
Panama City Beach, Florida


Church Size

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