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I. Position overview

The associate pastor position at SLCC will require significant flexibility due to the broad scope of responsibilities under the AP’s purview. He will work in partnership with the senior pastor in ministering to the needs of the congregation. In their role, the AP responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, teaching, administration, social media interface, and pastoral calling. However, the AP’s primary area of responsibility will be Christian Education.

II. Expectations

The eldership of SLCC recognize a call to ministry as a high calling. As such, there are high expectations. It is understood that the AP is a visual representative of Jesus Christ, SLCC’s leadership and congregation. These expectations include:

1.     Having a testimony of a personal integrity; making personal and professional decisions that reflect a positive Christian witness. In their work with children, the AP will adopt practices that ensure any and all interactions with children are safe and without question.

2.     The AP will support the defining beliefs of SLCC and will exercise their pastoral authority (explicit and implicit) in harmony with those beliefs. These beliefs include “In essentials unity, in opinions liberty, over all things love”.

3.     The AP will support the ministry and leadership of the senior pastor and the authority of the elders. He will work and minister in harmony with the vision of the elders for the direction of the congregation.

4.     The AP will endeavor to continue as a learner. This includes time in prayer and study, continuing to hone their knowledge of the Scriptures and skills of their ministry. They are encouraged to find ways to develop their ministries through networking and conferences. 

III. Responsibilities

1. Children and family:

The AP will assume the primary responsibility for the Christian education of the children and adults of SLCC. They will oversee the ministry as a whole, coordinating volunteers and sponsors who work with children, youth, and adults in Sunday school and the nursery. They will ensure that all volunteers and sponsors meet the required background checks for working with children. They will work in close relationship with the director of the daycare/preschool cultivating an outreach to the nonchurch families who have children enrolled there.

The AP will be responsible for overseeing a ministry to the children, youth, and adults that will meet the Christian educational needs of different ages. This will include regular classes, activities, and camps. Through their contact with the families, the AP can inform and advise the elders of other needs the families may be experiencing.

2. Media Support:

The AP will need to have working knowledge in using social media to enhance SLCC’s digital footprint. This includes SLCC’s Facebook page and web page.

3. Worship Service:

The AP will attend weekly worship service and coordinate Sunday School teachers and needs that may arise. The AP will be the primary substitute for the senior pastor in the pulpit and work to develop their abilities as a preacher of the congregation.

4. Other Responsibilities:

The AP is a support position. This indicates that there will may be varied assignments given by the senior pastor or the elders. These varied assignments may include, but not be limited to: assisting in funerals or weddings, liaison with community groups, or simply preparing spaces for a class or seminar. Such needs will be communicated clearly by the senior pastor.

IV. Educational requirements

Candidates for the AP position are expected to have a Bachelor’s degree in ministry or education. The following exceptions are allowed.

(1) An associate degree in ministry or education will be considered when it is accompanied by life and ministry experience.

(2) Recognized associate degrees are from recognized schools and/or online training programs such as the Contender’s course offered by Village Missions.

V. Working Conditions

1. Exempt Status:

An “exempt employee” is not tied to a time clock nor eligible for overtime compensation. Typical pastoral responsibilities do not fit into a regular 40-hour work week structure. There will be times when they will extend beyond. The AP will maintain a work schedule that will meet the needs of the congregation as well as the needs of their own family.

As a salaried “exempt employee”, the AP is entitled to reviews of their salary as church budget allows. 

2. Compensation and Vacation:

Compensation will be reflected in the annual church budget which is reviewed and adjusted by the church elders and approved by a congregational vote. Starting salary is $50,000 per year and the AP position, like other clergy positions, is considered a self-employed position for Social security, income tax, and medical insurance.

For the first five years, employees qualify for ten working days of vacation a year. SLCC staff receive nine paid holidays a year.

A full day a week is expected to be taken as a day off. This day is to be determined with the senior pastor.

3. Sick leave.

Because the position is a salaried position, the elders rely on the integrity of the AP in use of time off for illness. If he is too sick to come to work, then they stay home without having any impact on their earnings. This may be reviewed or modified if the elders feel such trust is being abused.

4. Conference attendance

The elders recognize the importance of continuing education and encourage staff members to attend conferences that enhance their ministry. Rather than have a concrete number of days off per year to attend conferences, the elders prefer to rely on judicious selection of conferences and evaluate such attendance on a case-by-case basis.

5. Performance review and termination of employment.

The AP’s performance will be reviewed annually by the senior minister in consultation with the elder board. Termination of employment will be in accordance with the church’s bylaws.

6. Grievance Procedure:

Assuming that normal channels of communication with AP are not possible, the following procedures will be used:

1.     Any person may present a signed, written complaint against the AP to the senior pastor.

2.     If a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached, the senior pastor will take the complaint to the elders.

3.     In the event that the AP has a significant disagreement with the senior pastor over an issue that cannot be resolved, the AP may take their complaint directly to the elders.

4.     Following an investigation of the complaint, and in consultation with all parties involved, the elders will determine how to proceed.


Applicants may mail resumes to the church office or email them directly to SLCC’s pastor.

Pastor’s email is [email protected]

Position Filled
Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
Some college

Date Posted
1 year ago
Tacoma, Washington

Christian Church

Church Size
75-125 people

Social Media Accounts