Children's Pastor

Reality Church

Job Description

At Reality Church our mission is simple, break down barriers between people and Jesus. This mission extends to everything we do, including our children’s ministry. We are currently looking for a full time Children’s Pastor to lead our Reality Kids Ministry. Someone who has a passion for children and a passion for Jesus. This ministry includes babies – 3rd grade and our iFit special needs ministry.

General Summary:

Responsible for planning and organizing Sunday morning ministries, recruiting and training volunteers, and partnering with parents. Responsible to create a fun and safe environment for families and children.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

·        Communicate a compelling vision that inspires others to respond.

·        Create and oversee a system of ‘Partnering with Parents’.

·        Oversee the recruitment, training, placement, encouragement, and scheduling of volunteers.

·        Reality Kids special events.

·        Curriculum development and preparation process.

·        Develop new ideas, material, or opportunities for the ministry to be successful.

·        Create energy, engagement, and commitment from others to work toward goals that

accomplish the vision.


Core Competencies: (required for all positions at Reality Church)

●      Passion: Has wholehearted engagement in their work; shows up on time or early every day; is able to be a self-starter.

●      Serve: Sees a gap and fills the gap; does more than the job description; cares for others.

●      Better: Is able to debrief and evaluate what needs to change moving forward; researches best practices; challenges the status quo.

●      Together: Uses FRANC (Full relational and nice candor) communication; Be open handed with your resources; be willing to celebrate others achievements; build effective and constructive relationships; give and welcome feedback.

●      Managing Conflict: Deals with problems quickly and directly; steps up to conflict, seeing them as opportunities; reads situations quickly; focuses when listening; settles disputes collaboratively and equitably; finds common ground and gets cooperation.

●      Trust and Integrity: Is widely trusted; seen as direct and truthful; keeps confidences; admits mistakes; adheres to appropriate and effective set of core values during good and bad times; acts in line with those values; practices what he or she teaches.

●      Dependability: Is self-motivated and comfortable taking initiative; reports to work promptly at scheduled times. Accomplishes the assigned duties as described in the job description for the position.

Position Filled
Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
High school diploma

Date Posted
1 year ago
Papillion, Nebraska


Church Size
750-1,000 people