Job Description

Senior Pastor

Fellowship Baptist Church

Willow Spring, North Carolina, United States

Church Overview (

Fellowship Baptist Church of Willow Spring N.C. is currently seeking a gifted, innovative leader as their 3rd pastor in the history of the church which extends over 60 years.

The desired candidate would take charge of a multi-generational church and have a passion to teach from the Bible and connect Jesus with the congregation and beyond the church doors.

Located in Southern Wake County, south of Raleigh N.C., this is a community with unprecedented growth in a dynamic, evolving, multi-cultural area.

Fellowship Baptist is an independent, missionary-oriented church.

Role Overview

The role of the Senior Pastor is to lead Fellowship Baptist Church in fulfilling its vision and mission as directed by our Lord Jesus Christ, in Wake County and surrounding area. The vision of Fellowship Baptist Church is to fulfill the great commission one relationship at a time. The Senior Pastor is to teach and lead the Church in accordance with FBC’s doctrine and constitution.

Select Responsibilities

●     Provide overall leadership (spiritual and organizational) to the congregation

●     Carry out God’s vision for our church and strategize on the execution of the church’s mission.

Inspire, equip and mobilize the congregation in carrying out that vision

●     As main preacher and teacher, preach the gospel in a clear and simple way so that congregants are given the opportunity to respond

to God’s calling (Sunday morning, Sunday nights, Wednesday nights, and special services)

●     Full time commitment of a 40 hours or more work towards the goals of FBC

●     Lead church staff to fulfill the mission and ministries of the church through reviewing and elevating the team

●     Provide pastoral oversight to congregation being in tune with its spiritual health

●     Administer the sacraments of baptism and communion

●     Perform weddings and funeral services for the congregation as well as baptism and baby dedications.

●     Prepare and manage church budget in conjunction with the Deacons and Trustees, and make decisions concerning the use of the

church buildings

●     Visitation should be a part of the weekly routine and rotate through our list of shut-ins at home and in senior living centers. Make the

best effort to visit those hospitalized for illness or surgery.

 Minimum Qualifications

●     Spiritual integrity and an ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ and meets the qualifications of an elder and overseer as defined in

one Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

●     Ordained minister with a degree from an accredited seminary or Bible college

●     Minimum of 5 + years of ministry experience with 2 + years as a senior pastor

●     Theologically sound, experienced and well-trained as a preacher and teacher of the scriptures.

●     Strong verbal and written communications and interpersonal skills to interact with congregation, staff and deacons.

●     Demonstrate strong administrative skills to recruit, delegate, empower and mentor both paid and volunteer staff

●     Spiritual integrity and an ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ, meeting the qualifications of an elder and overseer as defined in one

Timothy 3 and Titus 1

Preferred Qualifications

●    Masters of Divinity degree from an accredited seminary or Bible College.

●    6 + years of ministry experience with 4 + years as a Senior Pastor

Core Competencies

●     Mission-orientation: Shares in and displays commitment and enthusiasm to the mission and purpose of Fellowship Baptist Church. Actions and decision-making exemplify the mission and demonstrate service, dedication and compassion, and are in the best interests of the church, its staff, and the community.

●     Integrity and trust: Is widely trusted and seen as truthful; keeps confidence, admits mistakes, doesn’t misrepresent himself for personal gain.

●     Team oriented leadership: Demonstrates capability to establish, inspire and lead the team, and works harmoniously with others. Promotes a positive work environment, respects others, resolves issues and conflicts. Communicates effectively with team members and provides constructive suggestions to elevate team performance. Ability to fill in talent gaps through delegation, collaboration and mentorship.

●     Strategic thinking, management and planning skills: Determines resources and actions required to accomplish objectives. Sets priorities, breaks down objectives into aspiring goals, and effectively follows through on commitments. Identifies potential challenges and opportunities and works with the team to plan contingent actions as appropriate. 

●     Intellectually astute and curious: In tune with current issues and possess the ability to apply God’s word to them. Committed lifelong learner who continually studies the Word of God.


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Experience Required
6 – 10 years
Education Required
Bachelor’s degree
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Willow Spring, North Carolina
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