Job Description

Job Description


First Baptist Church (FBC) is searching for a pastor who is committed to the inerrancy and authority of the Bible. He will agree with the FBC Statement of Faith as well as the Church Covenant and will lead our church on the strong foundations of biblical authority. We desire a man who is being changed by God’s Word himself, as he leads our congregation to be changed by God’s Word as well. He will be a text-driven expositor of the biblical text. He will be relational in his delivery and firm in his conviction.


Our next pastor will be approachable, a man who is skilled in relationship building and communication. He will lead our staff with a team-based approach but will steward well the authority of the office of the pastor for all matters of final say. He will value the insight of long-time members of the church, but not cater to any individual’s (or group’s) desire to the neglect of another’s. He will make biblical decisions concerning the direction of the church and communicate them with grace while leading gently over time.


We prefer our candidate to have a master's degree however, we are open to someone who is pursuing a graduate degree. We are searching for someone who has a balance of education and experience but will be open to the leading of God to the man he brings to us.

If you would like to know more about First Baptist Church of Rangely, please email your resume and a cover letter to [email protected] and we will contact you with more information. 


About First Baptist


First Baptist Church of Rangely, Colorado, is a church family that values biblical preaching, heartfelt worship, and fellowship. At 75 years old, we are the oldest Baptist church in the town. At our highest in the past five years, we averaged 75 in worship attendance and 25 in small groups. After Covid-19 in 2021, however, our numbers did decline, but we have seen a trend of those numbers coming back this year.


FBC is a warm and welcoming church family that is serious about reaching the next generations in our community, helping each other know Jesus, and making Him known. There are many unchurched young families in the community, and FBC desires to be the church that reaches them with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


The FBC church family is a strong one that values fellowship and the praise of God. There is excitement in the air as we search for our next senior pastor.


About Rangely


The town of Rangely, Colorado, is home to 2,291 people, who make their living primarily in the energy sector (oil, natural gas, and clean coal). Education is a significant employer both in the local public school district and at the local community college. Rangely District Hospital is also an important employer in the community. There are a number of small businesses that add to the employed population of Rangely, as well. Rangely’s ethnic demographics are 90% Anglo and 10% Hispanic. There are 588 family-led households, of which 20% are single-parent households. The median age of our community members is 33.


Rangely was recently voted “Second Safest City in Colorado” and was named one of Colorado’s “Top Ten Most Affordable Places to Live.” The community of Rangely is a town that is growing, safe, and full of friendly folks. It offers a wide variety of outdoor and recreational activities, as well as community events. Rangely, Colorado, is a great place to live!

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Bachelor's Degree

Date Posted
11 months ago
Rangely, Colorado

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