Associate Pastor of Worship and Youth

Deep Creek Baptist Church

Job Description

Deep Creek Baptist Church (Dewy Rose, GA) is seeking a full-time associate pastor of worship and youth.  As worship pastor, you will primarily plan and lead worship each Sunday morning.  As youth pastor, you will mainly build relationships with the youth and create opportunities for discipleship. Both of these roles will include leading a team of volunteers to assist and support the ministry. As associate pastor, you will help shepherd the church in various ways.  Deep Creek Baptist Church is located (just outside of Elberton, GA) in rural northeast Georgia about half way between Athens, GA and Anderson, SC.  If interested, please send your resume, cover letter, and answers to the questions below to [email protected].  The deadline is Oct. 1, 2022.

Minimum Requirements

At least one year in a leadership role involving music and/or youth.

Seminary Degree or Bachelor’s Degree from a Baptist University.

Extensive experience may be substituted in place of the educational requirement.

Initial Questionnaire

1 – Other than the bible, what books/authors have influenced your walk with Christ the most?

2 – Briefly describe your philosophy of leading a congregation to sing during worship.

3 – What style of music do you prefer and who has influenced you in how you lead?

4 – What do you think is the most essential aspect of leading a group of youth in a church?

5 – How do you feel about living in the country and/or in a small town?

Full Job Description

Personal Walk & Family Life

Make it a priority to spend time in the Word.  Do not neglect your own personal time with God.  Focus on your family.  Make sure you have adequate family time each week.  Your most important ministry is at home.  


Associate Pastor Role

As the associate pastor, you will help shepherd the sheep in various ways.  You will build relationships and get to know the members of the body.  You will strive to love, care for, and disciple each of them.  

Your duties in this role will include (but are not limited to) preaching, visitation, calendar planning, deacon meetings, and assisting the pastor with the ministries and direction of the church.

Worship Pastor Role

As the worship pastor, you will:

Be responsible for planning weekly worship services in conjunction with the pastor.

Oversee and lead all music for worship services.

Oversee and/or lead all children’s and student music.

Plan and lead special musical presentations for special services throughout the year.

Help to plan and facilitate any music needed for weddings and funerals.

Help plan and/or lead any music needed for special services such as revival or holidays.

Pastorally lead all musicians within the music ministry.

Oversee all audio/video needs for worship services or other programs.

Student Pastor Role

As the student pastor, you will:

Teach the gospel 

                        -Make sure the gospel is taught and proclaimed clearly, rightly, and regularly.

                        -Do your best to live out the gospel in front of the students and their parents.

Pray for the students and their parents

                        -Prayer is so vital. Pray for/with your students and their parents.

Invest in the students and their parents

                        -Relationship and Discipleship are both key components for life.

                        -Strive to have relationships with the students and their parents.

                        -Work to know them...not just about them.

                        -Point them to Christ as much as possible.


Be involved outside of church walls (school, sports, home, etc...)

                        -These things go a long way in building relationships and discipling.


Work to Communicate well

                        -Communication can break down quickly and easily and cause issues to arise.

                        -Work to communicate clearly with Staff, Students, Parents, and the Body.

Plan, Organize, and lead the ministry

                        -Create and maintain a monthly/yearly calendar of events/projects/activities.

                        -Plan and provide monthly/quarterly teaching schedules and curriculum details.

                        -Provide an annual budget proposal and work to stay within the approved budget.

                        -Give updates and details on the progress of the ministry.

Identify and develop Leadership

                        -Find, lead, and train student leaders.

                        -Find, lead, and train student ministry volunteers.

                        -Create and/or maintain a team of people that assists with student related 


About Deep Creek Baptist Church

Deep Creek Baptist Church is located just outside of Elberton, GA. It sits half way between Athens, GA and Anderson, SC. It is a rural community and small town atmosphere. Our attendance on any given Sunday is between 100 - 125.

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Bachelor's Degree

Date Posted
1 month ago
Dewy Rose, Georgia

Baptist: SBC

Church Size
100-200 people people