Video and Livestream Director

Mechanicsville Christian Center 

Job Description

Video and Livestream Director


The Video and Livestream director is responsible for the oversight of all video and livestream production. This includes administrating, envisioning, recruiting, and developing the team values that exemplify excellence.

The Director will be a servant-leader who i'll bring strategic vision for the team. They will take the team “to the next level” through staff development, volunteer empowerment and increased quality in each area of production. 

The Director will possess strong leadership skills as well as a heart of God and active walk with Jesus. 

Required Skillset:

  • Video production and editing
  • Experience in livestream production
  • Relevant Adobe suite/cloud applications (Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Audition)
  • Studio lighting and camera work
  • Knowledge of shot composition
  • Knowledge of equipment (Panasonic EVA-1, Blackmagic switcher)
  • Strength in creative design
  • Strength in graphic design
  • Understanding a base level of capturing quality audio


  • Train, recruit, and manage volunteers
  • Church-wide video production
  • Direct volunteers for live-streamed services
  • Lead creative projects
  • Upload services and messages to online platforms

MCC Values: 

1. Make it better

What am I doing personally to improve MCC? 

Every role on this team, no matter the job description, is meant to make the church better. Everyday we spend our time and energy solving problems, not just pointing them out. We resist complacency and the pull toward organizational ruts. We offer, ask for, plan for, and embrace honest feedback. We take seriously God’s command to “stir one another to love and good works”. 

2. Own It

How am I personally owning the mission of MCC and our vision to accomplish it? 

“Own it” has 2 parts: 

First, we own it by engaging fully in the body of Christ. We lead by example, going above and beyond what we ask of our people. If serving is beneath us, leadership is beyond us so we choose to model servant-leadership.

Second, “Own it” requires each of us to own the vision and specific decisions of the team as if they are our own - even when they are not. This is how we honor church leadership, walk in unity, and carry out the mission together. 

3. Work Together

When was the last time I asked for, or offered help? 

We value and leverage the skills and experiences of others on our team. We don’t work in silos. We communicate, collaborate and challenge one another. We serve the success of others on the team by sharing credit, cheering each other on and seeing the wins of each person on the team as our own. We might have some enemies, but none of them are on this team. God loves and blesses our unity.

4. Multiply Yourself

Who am I empowering today?

If we aren’t bringing people along with us, and teaching them to do what we are doing, we are not leading. We’re always raising up the next person for our position because those who replace themselves will always have a place. We equip, empower, release and repeat. This is how God’s Kingdom moves forward.

5. Stay Fit

Am I taking care of myself spiritually, physically, mentally, relationally, financially, and emotionally? 

We each take responsibility for our personal health. Integrity in our private world validates our message to a lost world. We commit to walk worthy of the calling we have received in all areas of life. We honor God holistically so we can serve Him more fully.

6. Remain Flexible

How am I adapting to new ideas and changes being made? 

Every God-sized dream feels like an over-sized risk. We run to risks, putting our faith in action, even when there are no guarantees of success. We try new things, learn in motion and view everything as an experiment. We celebrate both successes and attempts made. We are not defensive or protective of our projects because we are called to the “house”, not to our specific “room”. Sometimes, “if it ain’t broke” we choose to break it because change is necessary for growth, and God is often doing a new thing. 

7. Choose Joy

Am I choosing to enjoy the life and calling God has given me?

Joy doesn’t simply happen to us - we choose it every day. Serving is a privilege so we show up with a grateful heart, with a smile and with expectancy. We believe fun is an attitude not an activity, and we reject the temptation to be cynical, unthankful, or to see problems as anything less than an opportunity for God to move. Joy is the overflowing nature of our God, and it’s where we choose to live. 


Email resume and portfolio to [email protected]

About Mechanicsville Christian Center 

Mechanicsville Christian Center in Richmond, VA began 45 years ago in a living room with just a few families. Today, a congregation of 1,100 people worship during one of MCC’s two services on Sunday mornings. We are a church passionate about going on and giving to mission. We have a rich history, but even more exciting future. Check us out online at MCCAG.ORG to learn more about us. 

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Bachelor's Degree

Date Posted
1 month ago
Richmond, Virginia

Assemblies of God

Church Size
1,000-2,500 people

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