Multi-Site Technical Engineer/Director

Church of the Front Range

Job Description

The Multi-Site Technical Engineer/Director provides leadership, vision and management of the Technology strategic plan across all Church of the Front Range (COTFR) campuses. He/She ensures the quality, consistency and stability of the entire audio, visual, lighting and streaming production needs across all campuses by selecting, installing (in smaller start-up and international campuses), maintaining and repairing the lighting, video and sound systems.


Envision and Model a Life Committed to the Costly Version of All-All

  • All Worship - Lead others to worship God in all the ways God prescribes
  • All Prayer - Spearhead a movement of dependence and desperation through inquiring and intercession 
  • All Word - Call people to seek God in His Word daily and to obey the full counsel of God’s Word
  • All Spirit - Pursue all of what God wants to do, experiencing and celebrating the fullness of what He does

Demonstrate Commitment to Church of the Front Range (COTFR) Vision and Mission 

  • Uphold the values of Faith, Hope, and Love that Listens, Gives and Does
  • Pursue church membership and live out the four commitments of active membership: Worship, Word, Give, Serve  
  • Be an active, engaged participant during weekend services, church-wide events and 24/7 Worship
  • Build a pipeline of leaders and volunteers, multiplying the vision to plant more campuses
  • Ensure full participation at church-wide initiatives (staff retreats, trainings, camps, etc.)
  • Serve at church-wide, all-hands-on-deck events (Christmas Eve, Easter services, etc.)

Lead the Design and Implementation of Audio Visual & Lighting (AVL) Systems across all COTFR Campuses

  • Design and implement systems to scale for a consistent and quality multi-site experience
  • Advise on technical equipment needs and purchases for COTFR; plan and procure for all campuses
  • Install systems (in smaller start-up and international campuses) and ensure transmission is effective and sustainable at each campus site
  • Ensure compatibility of AVL installations with building systems and infrastructure (i.e. electrical, mechanical, structural systems, etc.)
  • Serve as point person for streaming and related infrastructures and as the primary consultant for ministry leaders for system design for multi-site AVL environments

Manage and Oversee Technical Systems across all COTFR Campuses

  • Ensure all equipment is maintained and in good working order, including audio, lighting, video, stage and portable equipment
  • Create, manage and maintain production operation manuals to equip staff and volunteers
  • Provide on-site troubleshooting and support for multi-site locations’ AVL needs (travel included)
  • Maintain a thorough inventory of equipment across all campuses
  • Maintain relationships with contractors and vendors to ensure clear communication of strategies to maintain equipment and services, as needed, defined by service level agreements

Recruit, Equip and Lead a Highly Effective Volunteer Team

  • Build a culture defined by love and unity
  • Recruit, train, lead and direct volunteer teams for maximum impact
  • Cast vision regularly by sharing stories and celebrating wins
  • Provide coaching and feedback for continuous improvement

Serve as a Fantastic Teammate to Peers on the COTFR Staff Team

  • Demonstrate loyalty to the Executive Director of Music & Production and teammates in action and word 
  • Pursue and uphold relational unity with teammates
  • Make assists for teammates to facilitate department-wide wins 
  • Place the team agenda before your own agenda 
  • Uphold the six commitments of trust and trustworthiness 


  • High Quality, Technical Execution that Results in Compelling, Distraction-Free Worship Gatherings across COTFR Campuses
  • Systems Designed and Installed with Excellence Achieving a Consistent and Quality Multi-Site Experience
  • Infrastructure Solutions Implemented across Campuses that Reduce Cost and Improve Service Delivery
  • Tech Equipment across Campuses is Maintained and in Good Working Order
  • Production Operation Manuals Created and Managed 
  • Inventory of Equipment across All Campuses Maintained and In Order
  • Inspired, Equipped, Fully-Staffed Volunteer Team
  • Excellent Resourcing of, and Collaboration with, Staff and Volunteer Teams
  • Department Budget Managed At or Below Cost


  • 5+ Years of Church Production Experience
  • Oversight and Implementation of Multi-Site Video
  • Extensive Church Production Experience with Proficiency Gained in All but Live Audio Mixing Necessary


About Church of the Front Range



Our Mission is to Love the Lord Our God with All Our Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength; and Second, to Teach Others to Do the Same.


A revolution that returns to its roots, that rights what is wrong, revives what is dying, & reclaims what is lost.

We know that there was once a community of Christians who, against all odds, and in the face of persecution and powerful pressures to extinguish them, lived out their faith in such a way that Jesus transformed an empire from emperor worship into worshipping Jesus in only a few generations. We do not believe there has to be a gap between what we read in our New Testaments and what we experience today. Instead, we dream of a revolution.


Faith, Hope & Love that Listens, Gives & Does

Unwavering Faith

James 1:6, Hebrews 11:1, Hebrews 11:6

We stand on what He says.

We don’t fall for what we see.

Unshakeable Hope

Hebrews 6:19

Confident in His character, we’re courageous in crisis.

Uncommon Love

John 13:34

Do for one what you cannot do for all, and the testimony will do for all what was for one.

Undivided Dependence

Proverbs 3:5-6

Competence is dependence in the Kingdom of God.

Unsparing Generosity

Psalm 34:10, 2 Peter 1:3

Lacking nothing, we can give everything.

Uncompromising Obedience

John 8:31

As He says it, He sees it.


All Worship

Unsung praise is the holy discontent of our hearts. We believe that God who is worthy of all should be worshipped with all in all the ways prescribed in Scripture. We worship with pure praise, not for the sake of our comfort, our preference or what we get out of it, but for what God gets out of it.

All Prayer

We won’t stop short of being a people who reclaim and spearhead a movement of dependence and desperation in the place of prayer so that His Kingdom will come and His will be done in our lives, in our church, on the front range, and on the frontiers of world mission.

All Word

We are called to be a people who seek God in His Word daily, and a people who obey God’s Word fully, not picking and parceling out parts and pieces. We are committed to preaching the full counsel of God’s Word in church, not just the palatable parts or culturally accepted scriptures.

All Spirit

We want all of what He can do and all of what He wants to do. We want every spiritual grace/gift to flourish in its fullness here. We want to be led by the Spirit of God, experience the Spirit of God and celebrate the fullness of what He does.


Experience Required
5-10 years


Education Required
High School Diploma

Date Posted
5 months ago
Englewood, Colorado


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