Job Description

The Student Pastor is responsible to encourage Middle School and High School students, in partnership with their parents, to pursue a personal, intentional, and maturing faith in Jesus.

Personal Expectations:

  • A deep, genuine, and fruitful relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Able to develop a relational ministry with student, parents, and volunteers
  • An enthusiastic, charismatic communicator of Biblical truths 
  • Exhibit gifts of leadership, teaching, organization and administration 
  • Have a high commitment to ministry effectiveness
  • Have experience in discipling others
  • Be an innovative thinker and problem solver

Specific Ministry Responsibilities Include:

  • Recruit, train, and encourage a team of adult leaders.
  • Plan and execute student experiences throughout the year
  • Plan and execute weekly programming throughout the school year
  • Design a weekly opportunity that meets the relational and spiritual needs of students
  • Recruit, train, and equip a staff of volunteer leaders to participate in program leadership and spiritually encourage students 
  • Plan and execute summer events for students
  • Partner with parents in the spiritual development of their child
  • Maintain active communication with parents regarding the ministry and opportunities for their child
  • Encourage and plan for opportunities for parents to connect with and encourage one another
  • Work with Children’s Pastor to ensure smooth and intentional transitions from Children’s Ministry programming to Student Ministry programming 
  • Serve as staff liaison to the student ministry leaders serving in our recovery program, The Landing
  • Create a calendar of student events and opportunities in September for the following year
  • Prepare an annual budget for review and approval from senior leadership

Other Ministry Expectations Outside of Student Ministry: 

  • Participate in staff meetings and all church events
  • Champion student ministry at all levels of the organization, ensuring students are considered when planning all church events, but also ensuring the resources (gifts and service) represented in the students are made available 
  • After the first year, participate as a member of Northeast’s Teaching Team
  • Participation level will be determined based on gifting, but you will be expected to help speak into Northeast’s teaching, especially in regards to addressing the needs of students
  • Attend Preaching Team meetings and planning retreats
  • Develop skills for communicating God’s Word effectively 
  • Provide feedback and be ready to receive feedback
  • Speak when assigned or requested
  • Host in services on a consistent basis 
  • Support Children’s Ministry when possible
  • Ensuing future generations of students and parents know you and your heart for them
  • Ensuring ministry continuity for families

Opportunities You Can Expect: 

  • Every staff person has a voice. We believe each voice brings a different perspective. So we allow everyone to input on decisions and direction, especially when it impacts or affects your ministry area. 
  • We expect our team to continue to grow in expertise and the development of their gifts. So we invite participation on our Preaching Team, Missions Team, Worship Team, or Serving Teams. 
  • Our team is present to support you, mentor you, and serve you in the removal of obstacles, helping you secure the resources you need, and succeed in your ministry. 
  • We encourage our team to maintain a healthy spiritual rhythm, balancing ministry and family. 
  • We allow comp days during busy seasons of ministry or before and after retreats and camps
  • We offer a mandatory months-long sabbatical period every seven years of ministry. 
  • We encourage spiritual retreat periods during working hours.  
  • We encourage our team in their professional development. 
  • We offer conferences and shared learning experiences together as a staff.  
  • We will support your professional development in the form of conferences or educational opportunities within your field. These can be presented and built in to your ministry budget.

About Northeast Christian Church

Northeast exists to help all people find a place to belong, as they journey to believe and shape their lives after Jesus, so as to become all that they were created to be.

We are a relational church. We believe life and love can only be done in relationship. So we strive to connect people in significant, transformational community.

We are a recovery church. We walk with everyone as they pursue wholeness and healing. We offer recovery opportunities for the whole family.

We are missional church. It is our mission and vision that drive what we do, both locally and internationally.

We are being made new. We are experience a deconstruction leading to a transformation. Old wineskins will not survive this. We are striving to create the kind church we want to be a part of, not just work at.

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Bachelor's Degree

Date Posted
8 months ago
Rockford, Illinois

Christian Church

Church Size
300-500 people