EPOH Resident Staff

Bloc Ministries

Job Description

Status: Full-Time Residential 

Reports to: Chris Staser, Director of Ministry Operations

Department: EPOH, BLOC Ministries

Position Summary: 

The EPOH House is a residential ministry within BLOC that exists to bring structure and stability to at-risk youth by partnering with willing families to provide students with long-term housing, identity, and hope. Each EPOH home is gender specific and can house up to four students at a time. Residential staff is essential to the students’ experience. Two residential staff live in each home, provide on-site care and oversight of residents, and maintain a Christ-centered, family-like environment in which students can thrive. 

Primary responsibilities: 

  • Fundraise salary
  • Oversee Student Care and Development
  • Provide Spiritual Leadership
  • Care for Home and Facilities
  • Manage Budget and Funds
  • Communicate with Students, Staff, Student’s Family, Student’s Support Team (i.e., probations officers, mentors, teachers, coaches, etc.)
  • Be a Team Player
  • Take Care of Self
  • Agreement and comply with BLOC employee handbook

Required skills and experience: 

  • Actively-growing, faith-professing follower of Christ.
  • Must be self-aware, teachable, and work well in a highly relational team environment.
  • Spiritually, physically, and emotionally stable in the presence of instability.
  • Able to enforce structure and discipline, while also maintaining flexibility to rapid and necessary change as needed.
  • Willing to communicate personal needs to team members. “Martyr” mentality not conducive to long-term individual and team health.  
  • Able to maintain a clean, comfortable environment for residents and guests. 
  • Reliable and accountable with ministry funds/budget.
  • Driver’s license and reliable vehicle.
  • High school education/equivalency 
  • Must pass background check.  
  • Agreement and comply with BLOC employee handbook

Preferred but not required: 

  • Previous experience/training in ministry, youth-specific work, counseling, and/or trauma competent care not required, but beneficial (some training provided).
  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant field

If applying for an open position please email [email protected]

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