Job Description

Ministry Responsibilities: To create video content at Eastview Christian Church to glorify God and advance His Kingdom under the guidance of the church’s leadership and the Pastor of Communications. Must be a strong storyteller. Must reflect artistry/craftsmanship, creativity, leadership, and strong technical proficiencies.

Leadership Development.

  • Guide clients with strong leadership from concept to completion with minimal involvement from supervisor while producing high quality videos that meet client objectives, reflect creativity and professional broadcast standards
  • Help with video and photography volunteers

Ministry Support Responsibilities.

  • Write scripts that fulfill ministry’s objectives and show creativity. Must be able to write across multiple genres (comedy, drama, etc.)
  • Organize shoots and any pre-production needs (location, talent, props, wardrobe, equipment prep, etc.)
  • Shoot with DSLR and professional large format cameras
  • Capture footage reflecting artistry, strong storytelling and excellent cinematography while operating cameras in full manual mode (understanding shutter speed, frame rate, ISO, aperture, focus pulling and white balance)
  • Edit footage in such a way as to tell a captivating story understanding timing, shot sequencing and editing techniques that reinforce the story’s feel
  • Grade footage to fit the mood of a video and create emotion
  • Record sound and alter in post-production to enhance dialogue, build sound design (effects) and make a mix that “sings” in our worship center 
  • Select music that tells a stronger story and reinforce the established mood of a video
  • Light subjects and spaces well using both natural and artificial light sources
  • Design professional quality graphics using Illustrator and Photoshop that show an understanding of professional typography, color, composition and form
  • Produce commercial quality motion graphics from scratch (not templates) that reflect the mood of the piece understanding
  • Assist with church-wide photography  
  • Be current with trends in visual arts, pop culture, video/motion techniques and video technology. Have an expert knowledge of professional video software (Premiere, After Effects, Audition, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) 

Administrative Responsibilities

Logging and archiving footage, cleaning studio, equipment maintenance, meetings, emails, etc.

All employees of Eastview Christian Church are expected to be Christ-following believers, and active members in the church.

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Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
Some college

Date Posted
1 year ago
Normal, Illinois


Church Size
3,000-5,000 people

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